With a good and functioning air conditioning system in your car, you promote comfort as well as an enjoyable and wonderful cabin interior. Such ambiance also prevents driver fatigue and makes your driving experience worth it.

Basics about Car Air conditioning systems

As you drive or in the process of your vehicular operation, there is serious heat created by your engine, and the road and sun on the outside is also a contributor to the heat. This is why you need an active A.C system in your vehicle. This purifies, cools and circulates the air in your car.

Your car A.C system works through several processes which involve refrigerants, this is what takes the heat off from the cabin area or compartment.

Why you need an Air conditioning service

Just like most of the other areas of parts of your car, there is a need to constantly maintain the air conditioning system in your vehicle. An early and regular check on your A.C system can help you detect any issue and prevent any major repair. Like, you may have known, repairing or replacing your compressor can be a lot more expensive than sealing leaks and refilling the refrigerant. By the way, your compressor can be damaged when your air conditioning system is operating low on refrigerants.

Consequently, it is necessary to beware of the following symptoms regarding faulty air conditioning systems:

• Unusual noise during regular operation.
• Reduced cooling capability.
• Inoperative fan or blower.

Another sign your vehicle needs urgent air conditioning services is when you start observing a stale smelling air from the system.

In addition to these factors which contributes to your vehicles’ faulty A.C, there is the issue of a clogged compressor, condenser, evaporator, or expansive valve. These are all reasons why you need routine maintenance, so you can avoid a major repair.

These are the 6 A.C components you must ensure are working perfectly fine
• The refrigerant
• The compressor
• The condenser
• The expansion Valve
• The evaporator
• The receiver or dryer

A faulty component could render the entire system ineffective.

You don’t have to get a heat stroke or get frozen in your car, you need a quality air conditioning service for your car.

No matter the distance you are to travel on land, it will feel more pleasant and even shorter if when you have a good air conditioning system running in your car. Ensure your air conditioning cool by recharging it in our shop.

What we do

We are experts in hose and belt replacement

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• Air conditioning recharge
• Heater core, and a lot more.
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We can help you prevent your vehicles air conditioning and heating system once you call upon us. You are covered by our quality service warranty.

We have seasoned engineers who are well grounded in the rudiments of Car air conditioning systems. Our engineers have long years of experience and are determined to see that your vehicle serves you just as you want it to.

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