Your fuel injectors deliver gasoline into your engine, and it is important that you have a technician who can clean or work on the injectors properly when the need arises.

Most car owners should know that maintaining their fuel injectors and keeping it clean can serve multiple preventive functions. Firstly, maintaining the fuel injectors saves you money at the gas pump. This is because your mileage may be affected when your injectors become dirty and begin to plug. the second benefit is that if you don’t maintain or clean your fuel injector, your engine performance will drop and your car will suffer.

Do not be caught up in the thought that car injectors these days do not need a tune-up. Although the improvement in technology these days is helping our vehicles remain in good shape for a longer period, there is a need for regular checkup and servicing. It is important to know that the fuel your car burns leaves a buildup of carbon in the injection system.

No matter what your car runs on, whether gas or diesel, there is a need for a regular checkup and cleanup.

A regular checkup is necessary at least after every 15000miles in other to keep your engine running on its maximum capacity. At this point, you can diagnose, prevent and even repair any issue using our most advanced tools and cleaning equipment.

Signs you would observe when your fuel injector needs cleaning.

• Failed emission test
• Smoke from tailpipe
• Increased fuel consumption
• Poor idle
• engine inability to reach full RPM
• Engine making a knocking sound
• You start having starting issues
• Poor engine performance.

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